Boomerang 2 Meg E-2 Memory Install

Installation of E2 Board

Remove the six screws from the bottom of the CoCo3 case.

Remove the four RAM chips IC16, IC17, IC18, and IC19.

Cut or clip out capacitors  C65 can C66. Capacitor C65 is located at the bottom of the RAM area next to IC17. Capacitor C66 is located at the top of the RAM area at IC18.

Install Boomerang E2 board along the connectors at the RAM area.

Installation CPU DAT board

This requires the un-soldering and replacement of the 6809 CPU. It is highly recommended that it should be done by a someone with solder skills.

Clip out and remove IC1 (Motorola 6809).
Un-solder the remaining pins and install (solder) the 40 pin machine socket.

Install a new Hitachi 6309 or 6809 CPU in the 40 pin socket on the Guardian+ board.

Install the CPU Guardian+ board into the IC1 area (in the new installed 40 pin socket).

Locate the 2 pin wire included in kit. Plug one end marked BANK on the CPU Guardian+ board.

Install the other end of wire to the 2 pin connector on the E2 Memory Board.

NOTE: The polarity on the wire does not matter. These are address lines and color/polarity does not matter.

Turn on CoCo3. It should boot up with the regular CoCo3 basic screen